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Introduction to the Social Compliance Audit Process Training

Introduction to the Social Compliance Audit Process Training

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Course Description:

This course provides an overview of the steps of a  Corporate Social Responsibility audit process and the guidelines to be prepared for these kind of audits. It will help you understand what to expect the audit day. It is designed for any member of an organization, that is going to receive a corporate social responsibility audit.

This course includes 8 sections and a short quiz at the end.


Gain the tools to be prepared to face a Corporate Social Responsibility audit, including audit notification types, audit scheduling process and different documents that the facility should prepare for the audit day.

Benefit to the Learners:

Learn about the elements of a Corporate Social Responsibility on site audit process from the company perspective and be able to anticipate the auditor requirements and be able to identify the different finding’s remediation approaches. 


1 Hour


Intertek Certificate of Completion